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ANJUS LLC is pleased to announce that we are offering free H1 transfers for qualified candidates. This offer includes:-
1. A fully paid H1 transfer with all the costs paid by us including premium processing
2.Option to start Green Card processing immediately. 100% costs paid by us
3. 80/20 Bill rate split
4. Health Insurance
5. Travel Expenses to client location
6. No bonds
7. You will directly work with our law firm during the whole process. Your H1 transfer, extension and GC process will be handled by Gotcher Law which is one of the top 3 immigration law firms in the country.

Please check the links below for further information regarding our law firm.

We have:-
1. 100% H1 approval record
2. 100% H1 Stamping approval record
3. 100% PERM approval record without 0 audit requests so far
4. 100% I140 approval record
5. A fully qualified marketing team

Please ask us for referrals from existing employees and we will send you a spread sheet of 100+ current employees and you can pick any random employee from that list and call him and talk to him about their experience with us. We thrive on transparency and communication.

Please contact us at 678-661-1190       Visit us